Stocking The Perfect Home Bar

To be the home bartender you need to stock the perfect bar. Learn to pick and choose a selection of liquors, non-alcoholic beverages, tools and equipments and little extras to really impress your guests.

You did it! You finally built your home bar. But now comes the time to decide what to keep on hand so that you will be known as the perfect amateur bartender. If money is no object, simply go the nearest liquor store and buy one of everything. This option is not only expensive, but you would probably end up with more bottles than space to store them. A more sensible solution would be to pick and choose a selection of liquors, non-alcoholic beverages, tools and equipments and little extras to really impress your guests.

• Gin
• Vodka
• Rum (light and dark)
• Whiskey
• Bourbon
• Rye
• Scotch
• Irish Cream
• Tequila
• Brandy/Cognac
• Wine
• White
• Red
• Champagne or sparkling wine
• Vermouth
• Beer

• Amaretto (almond)
• Blue Curacao (orange)
• Chambord (raspberry)
• Cointreau / Grand Marnier / Triple Sec (orange)
• Crème de banane
• Crème de cacao
• Crème de menthe
• Frangelico (hazelnut)
• Galliano (herbs)
• Kalua (coffee)
• Sambuca (anise)
• Schnapps (various flavors)
• Southen Comfort (peach)
• Tia Maria (coffee)

• Angosturas Bitters
• Lemonade
• Cola
• Cream
• Eggs
• Ginger Ale
• Grenadine
• Milk
• Orange Bitters
• Sour Mix
• Sprite/7-Up
• Soda water and tonic water

Fruit Juices
• Apple
• Cranberry
• Grapefruit
• Lemon
• Lime
• Orange
• Pineapple
• Tomato

• Cinnamon
• Ice
• Maraschino Cherries
• Nutmeg
• Olives (black/green)
• Salt/pepper/sugar
• Sugar Syrup
• Tabasco Sauce
• Worcestershire Sauce

A few handy tools are necessary even for the new bartender. A well-stocked bar is more than just the bottles you have on hand. The right tools, displayed on your countertop will go a long way in impressing your guests and will also help making drinks that look like they were made by at professional bartender.

• Shakers
One of the first bar tools that you will need is a decent shaker. They are useful for building drinks, mixing them properly and transferring them into glasses not to mention they make a good show for your guests. Shakers come in two types: 1) Conventional ones with a cap and a built-in strainer and; 2) Boston shaker which is a large mixing glass with a scale in centiliters and ounces. You will need a strainer to go with the Boston shaker.

• Electric Blender
Anyone who likes margaritas, daiquiris and pina coladas needs an electric blender. Aim for a smaller model that will take as much space on your bar.

• Measuring devices
Jiggers and measuring spoons will help you make consistent drinks every time. It also prevents you from being to heavy handed on the booze. Remember that goal is to create a great tasting drink and not to get everyone drunk.

• Muddler
A muddler is a thick stick made out of wood or stainless steel that is used to mash ingredients such as fruits, sugar or mint into a glass when you just want to infuse the flavors into the drink without blending it to a pulp..

• Corkscrew and bottle opener
• Cutting board
• Citrus juicer
• Ice bucket and ice tongs

Now that you know what to keep in your barFree Reprint Articles, all you need to learn is how to make great drinks your friends will love. There are numerous books available on the market from beginner bar setups all the way to experts and drink you never knew existed.. Buy one or two and have fun experimenting. Cheers!

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